What We Believe

We seek to represent the New Testament Church as we see the church demonstrated in Scripture. We desire to be in harmony with the Scriptures over traditions of men. Although church "traditions" do not always contradict Scripture, some do and should be put aside in order for the Body of Christ to faithfully represent Christ Jesus. 

The following are some of the core drivers that point us to the Church Jesus established through the Holy Spirit:

- God exists and relates to us
- Jesus Christ is Savior of the world
- The Holy Spirit assures and empowers us
- Salvation is a personal, redemptive experience in Jesus
- Christ that is encouraged in the Christian community, the congregation
Discipleship means to live a life imitating Christ
Service and missions grow out of active discipleship, as disciples we are to be known "by the our love." Worship is both a celebration of God's activity in our lives and an occasion to corporate worship, & fellowship with other Christians.
Using the New Testament as our guide, we are committed to the following:
- Helping each individual to come to know our Lord Jesus Christ
- Encouraging individuals to grow in their faith journey
- Helping each individual to discover and use his or her gifts
- Strengthening and supporting families and being a family to those without one
- Being a caring Christian presence in our community
Our Vision:
Our vision is to submit to Christ as He build His church into a loving fellowship like the church pictured in the New Testament:
- Sharing God's Word with the spiritually hungry
- Proclaiming God's salvation to those who are hurting
- Bringing meaning to those who are empty
- Sharing our time and resources with the needy